Violent Acres

January 13, 2010 at 01:39 (Blogs)

One of the most refreshing blogs out there is Violent Acres. It’s written by the anonymous V, with the tagline: “I’m just like you, only I’m interesting and my life isn’t devoid of meaning”. Some of her posts are about her childhood and growing up, some other are about random* topics she opines upon. Some are just about her cleverly insulting others.

They are all great.

Her blog has been dormant for some time, but she might be coming back. Lets hope she does.

*Random, as in random with a red thread running through them.



  1. Kevin said,

    I read and enjoyed Violent Acres, and subscribe to receive her blog via e-mail. I received her most recent entry with a request to let her know if readers are still following her. I am, but hadn’t previously registered with her site. Registration is currently closed, so I can’t let her know that I’d be interested in having her continue. I realize this is an imposition, but would it be possible for you to let her know there are others like me that would probably let her know if we could that we are still reading? Thank you.

    • tgwizard said,

      Registration seems to be working for me though…

      Commenting on her post should be an adequate way of showing her you appreciation, or something.

      (Personally subscribe to her feed, which is actually updated like a day before the emails are sent out.)

  2. Kristin said,

    Ditto to what Kevin said! Can’t wait to have more show up in my e-mail!!!

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